Interpreters and translation services

Translation and interpreting services, translators and interpreters, from English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic to Russian and vice versa in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, both for business and personal purposes. Interpreters and translators specialized in particular technical language for trade fairs, conferences and events.

We can also provide and quote translation services for documents and written materials, from Russian to any other language, or from Italian, English, and other international languages to Russian. We can also translate driving licences, vehicle registration documents and licences.
Translation and interpreting, document authentication service in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities
For all companies, we offer translation and interpreting services.

Translation types:
  • Translation of technical texts of any level;
  • Translation of legal texts;
  • Translation of economic and financial documents;
  • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documentation;
  • Website translation;
  • Translation of promotional material, catalogs and press releases;
  • Translation of literary works, manuscripts, themes, poems, theater texts.

Types of interpreting:
  • Simultaneous interpretation;
  • Consecutive interpreting;
  • Liaison interpreting;
  • Whispered interpretation;
  • Conference interpreting.

We can provide the following services on your behalf:
  • Translation authentication
  • Equipment for simultaneous translation

To guarantee a complete service:
  • Privacy and Data Protection Agreement;
  • Quality assurance provided by a team of professional translators;
  • Possibility of carrying out the translation in the shortest possible time;
  • Consulting director, project manager to translate;
  • Worldwide courier service;
  • Ability to make immediate changes.

The translators we collaborate with are professionals specialized in various sectors such as law, economics, the energy sector, oil, gas, medicine, art and scientific literature, telecommunications, information technology.
Notarial translation of documents
We can take care of the notarial translation of documents on your behalf in Moscow and St. Petersburg, making use of professionals with years of experience, so that all translations are done efficiently and on time.

Notarial certification is required in the case of official translation of documents, issued in foreign countries, to present them to the Russian authorities, and vice versa, in the case of translation of documents issued in the Russian Federation, to be submitted to authorities abroad, for example, the translation of the work record or the translation of the diploma.

Here is a short list of documents that usually require notarial translation:
  • translation of contracts, articles of association, accounting records and other company documents;
  • translation of birth, marriage and divorce certificates;
  • translation of diplomas, certificates, certificates, driving licenses, passports;
  • consent for the child to travel abroad, power of attorney;
  • work books, reference books, address lists;
To perform a notarization of the translation of a document, you must bring the documents to our office (by appointment) or arrange a meeting at your hotel or apartment.

Essential requirements that documents must have:
For the translation of documents issued in the Russian Federation, you can submit:
  • originals
  • certified copies or copies certified by an authorized body or organization
  • copies of documents
Documents issued by foreign state authorities to be valid on the territory of Russia must be apostilled in the country where they were issued or have the "Apostille" stamp.
The document must contain the necessary information such as: number, date, signature and stamp. Documents consisting of multiple pages must always be stitched, stamped and signed on the last page (agreements, contracts, etc.).
Authentication must be performed on the basis of the entire text of the document to be translated, in perfect condition, the translation must absolutely bear the translator's signature.
Documents that are torn, badly reduced, glued, marked, deleted or added by pen or pencil cannot be accepted.

This is what a document on which the notarial translation has been performed looks like:
If you have had a foreign (Italian) document translated and authenticated into Russian, there will be 3 pages: the first will be the copy of the document, the second will be the translation, the third will contain the name, surname and signature of both the translator and of the notary.
The three pages are stitched together by a tape sealed by a piece of paper on which the notarial register number, the date, the quantity of pages that the document itself contains, the stamp and the signature of the notary are shown.

Example of how the certified translation of the Italian passport is carried out:
Make photocopies of the passport pages containing the owner's data;
Translate copies into Russian;
The translation will be printed;
The copy and translation will be stitched together;
The notary authenticates the document and the signature of the person who translated the Italian into Russian.
The notary will apply the official stamp and signature.

For information, costs and timing, write to:
Legalization of foreign public documents
We can provide professional services for the legalization of foreign public documents in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you need to legalize certificates, diplomas, licences, contracts, deeds and other documents, we can help you!

Documents that were issued in your country can also be used in the Russian Federation, as well as in other states, but only after mandatory legalization in accordance with the established procedures.

The legalization of foreign documents is mainly required by the consulate. Legalization does nothing more than give legislative confirmation to the document.

For example, if you need to get a job in Russia, go to school, get married or participate in the process of establishing a company, legalization of documents may be necessary.

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