Russian DMC & Tour Operator

We are a local tour operator and destination management company (DMC) in Russia. Our license number is РТО 025155

Thanks to extensive experience gained through years of providing tourist services to groups and individual travelers, we have become synonymous with professionalism and superb care.

We provide a full range of incoming tourist services that enable a variety of travelers to discover Russia's rich wealth of culture and heritage, its iconic sights, and the spectacular scenery of Siberia.
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About us
We are a destination management company (local tourism company) based in Moscow. This project was born from an idea of Massimiliano De Vecchi and his wife Elena who reside permanently in Moscow. Over the years, both have gained concrete experience in the field of hospitality tourism here in Russia, creating their own customer portfolio.
We collaborate with travel agencies and tour operators, both for individual customers and for pre-established groups.
Tours Russia
The classic Moscow & St. Petersburg tour, the evocative Golden Ring, the legendary Trans-Siberian, the fascinating Volga cruise, are just some of the most popular destinations among the itineraries offered by our tour operator. Our goal is to organize your best holiday in Russia in order to make it unique and unforgettable.
Russia is not just Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and the Golden Ring. There is also Kamchatka, Lake Baikal and more than 50 wonderful places. Open them with "In Russia con Max. We’ll help you pick the best tour and guide, resolve visa issues and make your journey comfortable.
We have planned some great tours to get to know the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can also visit the Golden Ring - a chain of ancient cities that are located north and east of Moscow and get an opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the Russian provinces.
We invite you to join one of our river cruises from Moscow to St. Petersburg or from Moscow to Astrakhan along the picturesque Volga, Russia's largest river, to explore the country's immense cultural riches and ever-changing landscapes together.
We will sail along rivers, canals and lakes.
The longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian is one of the best ways to explore Russia and Asia. Our train tours will be an unrepeatable experience! Taste the Russian culture, heritage, spirit and the spectacle of Lake Baikal. We offer travel on board luxury charter trains and on board regular trains.
We offer Halal friendly tours especially elaborated for our Muslim guests.
We offer Asian friendly tours especially elaborated for our guests from Asian countries.
Russian Visas
It is necessary to obtain an entry visa to visit Russia. With a tourist visa it’s possible to stay in Russia for a maximum period of 30 days, taking advantage of only one entrance. For longer periods or multiple entrances, you can apply for a business visa. From 1 August 2023 it is possible to apply for an electronic visa.
For stays in Russia from 1 to 30 days, single entry (special cases double entry) only for tourism (hotel or apartment accommodation). Ask our visa-support for your tourist visa!
For stays of more than 30 days or for multiple entries within a year. The business visa has nothing to do with the work visa. Ask our visa-support for your business visa!
From 1 August 2023, Russia has introduced the possibility of entering the country through the procedure for issuing an electronic visa (e-visa).
We can offer you medical insurance for Russian visa, electronic or paper, at competitive rates. The insurance company we represent guarantees the lowest price!
Tourism Services in Russia
If you don’t decide to purchase an entire travel package with us, but you need some services such as tour guides, interpreters, transfers and translation services, or even flowers delivery to your home in St. Petersburg or Moscow, you can contact "In Russia con Max".
  • Excursions in Moscow
    Book your excursion in Moscow with us for great prices, choosing the best date and the time for your tour! Moscow’s architectural heritage has a worldwide relevance.
  • Transfer services
    We can organize transfers from/to the airport, railway station, apartment, hotel or other destinations during your journey. The price changes depending on the number of persons and the means of transport.
  • Excursions Saint Petersburg
    Only the best Italian speaking guides for our clients on holiday in St. Petersburg! We offer you a wide choice of excursions and guided tours. Choose the best date and the time for your tour!
  • Tourist guides
    We can propose experienced tourist guides at your disposal, who will make you journey more enjoyable and make the discovery of Russian traditions and culture easier and more pleasant.
  • Tours for cruise passengers
    Does your cruise ship stop in St. Petersburg? Would you like to have private city tours proper for you in Saint Petersburg with tourist guide in English instead of joining other cruisers?
  • Study trip to Russia
    Nowadays Russia is one of the main emergent country in the world: in the present labour market the knowledge of foreign languages, especially of Russian language, gives you the key to the success!
  • Excursions in Russian cities
    Sightseeing tours to Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Ulan Ude, Vladivostok, Lake Baikal and the Golden Ring.
  • Russian cooking masterclass
    Russian cooking masterclass to discover the passions of the Russian people, to help you discover the pleasures of local traditions and typical dishes.
Business Services in Russia
Services dedicated to business tourism, to those who travel to Russia for business, to meet local partners or participate in trade fairs. We offer you complete support for your business trip to Russia.
  • Trade fairs and Exhibitions
    With "In Russia con Max" you can book hotels or apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg during the fair periods with guaranteed availability at very competitive prices.
  • Business travel to Russia
    M.I.C.E. is the branch of tourism industry in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose. MICE consists in a well planned succession of events.
  • Interpreting and translation service
    For all foreign companies we offer translation and interpreting services in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.
  • Bodyguard service in Moscow
    We provide private security services, VIP protection, entrepreneurs and political figures, security for events, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, public places.
We can proceed on your behalf to book tickets for the planes, trains and ships, for internal Russian routes.
We can also book tickets for theaters, museums, cultural and sport events, and concerts on your behalf.
Hotels and rents
With "In Russia con Max" it’s possible to book at favorable prices hotels all over Russia and also in the former Soviet Union countries. Also you can book apartments for daily rent in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our prices are among the lowest on the market.
This section is currently under construction, for information on availability and prices you can contact us on
Apartments in Moscow
We have apartments in all areas of Moscow. Central, semi-central apartments, close to major universities. Accommodation for short or long periods.
Apartments in St. Petersburg
It is possible to stay overnight in an apartment in St. Petersburg located in the heart of the city, near Nevsky Prospekt or near the Hermitage Museum.
Hotels in Moscow
Hotels in central Moscow or in any area of the capital. Cheap and luxury. Our prices are among the lowest on the market, thanks to on-site collaboration with hotels.
Hotels in Saint Petersburg
Book your St. Petersburg hotel with us! Our tour operator can help you organize a comfortable stay in the magnificent city of the Tsars.
Three good reasons to choose us
  • We have a long experience working with foreign customers.
  • We live in Russia, in Moscow, and we speak English, Italian and of course Russian.
  • The office in Moscow guarantees direct management of services.
Travel tips
We want to bring tips and topics to answer questions about travel to Russia. We will talk about interesting topics that will help the traveler to know the history and attractions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Russia in general, top things to do and much more.
  • Imperial Porcelain Boutique
    If you want to buy an original Russian product that combines tradition and elegance, then the Imperial Porcelain Boutique in Moscow is the place for you!
  • The Russian banya
    Since ancient times, steam baths or "banya", as they are called in Russia, were the place not only for cleansing the body.
  • Top 10 things to do in Moscow
    Discovering a particular tourist route... The Kremlin is always the first thing to see. Previously there was only one path available for visitors...
  • 10 places around Moscow
    10 places around Moscow
    Our tour guides are professional and with proven experience, they will make it easier for you to discover Russian traditions and culture.
  • 5 places out of classic itineraries
    The Armed Forces Museum, The Cosmonautics Museum, The Gorky House, The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin, Krutitskoye podvorye.
  • The main Russian souvenirs
    The main Russian souvenirs
    The best way to show the real Russia is to bring something special home. Matryoshka, balalaika, ushanka and vodka...
  • Unusual buildings in Moscow
    Many houses in Moscow should definitely be visited as they are unique and have a history that is related to specific periods or styles.
  • Christmas Festival in Moscow
    Christmas Festival in Moscow
    During the Christmas period, the capital Moscow is enriched with lights and colours. Tourists and local residents participate in the Christmas markets.
  • The winter fairy tale of Petersburg
    The Christmas period and winter in general, although the cold is very biting, represent one of the special moments to visit St. Petersburg.
  • Kizhi Island in Karelia
    Kizhi Island in Karelia
    On Kizhi Island in the Republic of Karelia, on Lake Onega, there are some of the most beautiful wooden architectural jewels in all of Russia.
  • The Bunker-42
    There is a system of tunnels under Moscow that lead to a secret fortress once codenamed "Bunker-42".
    Stalin's famous Bunker.
  • The Amber Room
    The Amber Room
    The spectacular Amber Room in the Tsar's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, where more than six tons of amber were arranged against mirrors.
  • The Museum of Arcade Games
    It represents a place where old and new generations can meet, taking a nostalgic journey together into the past.
  • Lenin's Mausoleum
    Lenin's Mausoleum
    Lenin's mausoleum in Red Square offers one of Moscow's most macabre attractions and perhaps the most famous "modern mummy" in the world.
  • The Rasputin Museum
    The museum of one of the most influential figures for the imperial family, in the place where he was assassinated: the basement of the Yusupov Palace.
  • The City of Stars in Shchelkovo
    The City of Stars in Shchelkovo
    In the past it was a secret Soviet city, inhabited by Russian cosmonauts, which possessed the facilities and laboratories for space training.
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