MICE in Russia - Congresses, conferences, events

M.I.C.E. tourism usually includes a well-planned program of events, congresses, conferences, meetings, trade fairs, centered around a theme or topic, such as trade organization, a special interest group or a specific theme.

MICE is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose, such as an international comparison between experts in a particular discipline or business, or for programmatic/final meetings.

The places for M.I.C.E. events they are normally organized in special places, in countries and cities suitable for offering this type of trip. Russia has already started this marketing process for years to offer the possibility of organizing large events on its territory from which the local economy and structures can also benefit.

M.I.C.E. tourism is known for its extensive programming and demanding clientele.
We offer companies a package that covers all needs related to M.I.C.E. in Russia
We offer conference rooms, meals, accommodation and an optional plan to meet your needs tailored to the characteristics, purposes and budget of your travel plan.
Our proposals will serve as a solution to form a basis for business results through sharing a goal between the host organization and the participants.

We provide support for project creation, accommodation and conference room reservations, participant registration, transportation planning, operation and management of the event. It is important to identify the goal and purpose to achieve new momentum in business.

If you plan to organize a conference, seminar, convention, incentive trip, product launch, marketing event in Russia, we will assist you in all stages of event organization with detail and quality to ensure the total success of the event.

The range of our services is wide and complete for any event:
  • location of the event
  • hotel reservation
  • layout of conference spaces
  • registration management
  • Catering management
  • supply and installation of audio-video equipment and simultaneous translation
  • airport/hotel/airport transfer
  • organization of gala dinners and themed evenings
  • organization of post-congress tours and cultural programs
  • meetings and conferences
  • incentive programs
  • specialized events and tours
Focus on the objectives of the event
Every successful event is more than just its components - location, accommodation, programs, meals, activities. A truly memorable event integrates these varied elements into an experience that leaves everyone with a meaningful and positive impression.
It starts with the objectives of the events and the message you want to communicate.
Then the appropriate elements are designed to deliver that message or experience in such a way as to achieve the set objectives.
To discuss strategies, talk about B2B, address a company policy, or make a presentation, you need an appropriate environment, so that you feel relaxed.
Meetings and conferences oriented towards Team Building objectives; identify the attributes and review processes that constitute high performance; improve communication, teamwork and group dynamics among participants; impart shared vision and goals. We offer you the best selection of places in Russia for meetings, meetings, conferences.
Incentive Travel
The use of incentive travel is recognized globally as a powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving business objectives:
  • increase in sales
  • attract customers and new businesses
  • improvement of staff loyalty and retention rates
  • training and product knowledge
  • increase productivity, motivation and team spirit
For both staff and customer loyalty programs, incentive trips have proven to be the most effective form of reward. Not only does it inspire customers or sales team members to exceed goals and increase sales, but traveling in a group also offers the unprecedented opportunity for bonding, networking and long-term loyalty among participants.
Conferences and congresses
When you undertake to organize a conference or convention, you are putting your company's image and integrity on display for all to see. Everything has to be perfect, so it's reassuring to know that you have a team of experienced professionals at your disposal, dedicated to making the task easier and more enjoyable.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of customers' travel needs and desires, we position ourselves as the smart choice for organizing an "ad hoc" business trip.

MICE product innovation. in the last ten years it has had a boom. Since then, some companies have gone on the trip every year (with multiple incentive/conference trips). They are always looking for new destinations for incentive travel (especially Russia/Asia).

We can support in organizing incentive trips to Russia from A to Z. A proven network of external partners allows us to offer companies that require the organization of an event a complete and certified range of services, products and integrated production solutions , at the highest quality levels, at the best market conditions.
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