Russian electronic visa

On August 1, 2023, the unified electronic visa came into force, valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, for citizens of 56 countries including all the states of 39;EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, San-Marino, Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, North Macedonia, Serbia, China (including Taiwan), India, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea and some other countries, mainly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. For the moment there does not appear to be the possibility of a Russian electronic visa for Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

The electronic visa has a single format, regardless of the type of travel, and can be granted as:

- Tourist visa, when the purpose of the trip is tourism, and you reside either in hotels or in private apartments;

- Business visa, when the trip is commercial or for business purposes;

- Humanitarian visa, if the purpose of the trip is connected to cultural, scientific, technological or sporting interests

If the purpose of the trip to Russia does not correspond to any of those listed above, then it will be necessary to apply for a traditional visa at a diplomatic representation or consular office of the Russian Federation.

The unified electronic visa is valid for 60 days from the moment of issue, for a single entry, and a maximum of 16 actual days of stay.

ATTENTION - The period of stay allowed in the Russian Federation on the basis of a unified electronic visa of up to 16 days does not imply the possibility of staying for 384 hours net (24 hours x 16 ). The day of arrival and the day of departure are counted as two days. The visa cannot be extended for a longer period, it is mandatory to leave Russia within 16 days of the arrival date (inclusive).

The electronic visa must be requested at least 4 days but no later than 40 days before the expected date of arrival in Russia. It cannot be requested upon arrival in Russia nor extended on site. It must be requested and received before departure.

We can request the electronic visa on your behalf and then send you the ready permit via email. The price for the service, including consular fees, is 75 euros.

Attention: you must have medical health insurance, which is accepted by the Russian authorities, for the entire duration of your intended stay. If you use your own policy, you must provide us with a copy.

If you want, you can purchase insurance from us, the cost is 2 euros per day (for customers up to the age of 65)

our e-policy for Russia covers:

- outpatient care

- hospital visits and treatments

- emergency dental care

- remote medical consultation

- ambulance coverage to doctor or hospital

- assisted repatriation of the insured to the place of residence with possible medical accompaniment

- repatriation of the body in the event of death of the insured

- hospital stay expenses of a parent (or relative) in the event of hospitalization of an insured person under 14 years of age (travelling together)

- diagnostic coverage and treatment of COVID-19

For customers over 65 years of age and for children under 6 years of age, the cost of the medical policy is on request. You will need to provide us with your date of birth.

The medical-health insurance must be printed and brought with you together with the passport, as well as the electronic visa received via email.

The electronic visa is an alternative to the traditional visa, which however continues to be issued. The advantage of the electronic visa is not having to physically send the passport, also saving shipping costs. As a disadvantage compared to the traditional visa, it has a longer questionnaire to fill out with more personal information to provide.

As with the traditional visa, registration is mandatory in case of stay longer than 7 working days. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel will take care of the registration. If you plan a stay in an apartment or private house we recommend asking when booking whether the owner of the apartment can carry out the visa registration procedure.

To request an electronic visa you will need the following:

- a scanned copy of your current passport, in JPEG format (valid for at least 6 months from the expiry date of the requested visa. The passport must have at least 1 completely free page)

- a digital photo in JPEG format (in color with a homogeneous white background, without shadows, without light reflections, 35x45 mm format. The photo must be taken no more than six months ago and must not be the same as the passport photo. The facial expression must be neutral, the image frontal, without glasses or other elements covering part of the face)

- the following information (all fields are mandatory)


Passport number;

Passport issue date;

Passport expiry date;

Passport issued by;



Other names, titles, patronymic (if any);


Personal code (if available);

Date of birth;

Birth place;

Country of birth;

Was he born in USSR/Russia? (in a positive case, specify when he emigrated, for what reason, when and how he lost his Soviet/Russian citizenship);

Names, surnames used in the past (if they have been used);

Other citizenship(s) (if you have any);

Previous citizenship(s);

Reason of the trip;

Brief description of the trip (what are you going to do in Russia);

Scheduled entry date;

Scheduled release date;

Name of the host company/person/hotel;

Full address of the host organisation/person/hotel;

Telephone number of the hosting organisation/person/hotel;

Email of the hosting organisation/person/hotel;

Hotel reservation number (if available);

Do you already have a valid Russian visa? (if yes, specify the visa number, date of issue and authority that issued the visa);

Means of subsistence (specify who is sponsoring the trip, or what your own means are);

Countries visited in the last 3 years (country, date of visit);

Permanent residential address;

Telephone number;

Personal email;

Family status and any details of the spouse (name, surname, date and place of birth);

Father's surname and name;

Father's date of birth;

Father's place of birth;

Surname and name of the mother;

Mother's date of birth;

Mother's birthplace;

Do you have any relatives in Russia? (if yes, specify name, surname, date of birth, address, degree of kinship);

Do you own a property in Russia? (if so, specify the address);

What messengers and social media do you use? (specify which ones and provide the profile link);

Current and previous workplace (specify at least 2 jobs: company name, job role, address, telephone number);

Education (excluding secondary school) - specify name, address, telephone;

Did he do military service? (if yes, specify the country, the type of troops, the rank, the period from.. to..);

Have you ever been involved in a military conflict? (if yes, specify the details: indicate the country, the type of troops, the rank, the period);

Have you ever been trained in weapons and do you have the relevant permit to carry weapons? (if yes, specify which one, when);

Has particular knowledge in possession of weapons, nuclear, biological or chemical substances (specify which; period and reason for obtaining the knowledge);

Have you ever been involved in political activities? (if so, indicate where and when);

Have you ever been accused of crimes in your country of residence or in other states? (if yes, specify the details);

Has he ever been convicted? (if so, indicate the country, the year, the nature of the crime and the extent of the sentence)

Will you represent non-profit, international or government organizations in Russia? (if so, specify which ones);

Do you intend to participate in political activities, including their organization and financing?

Will it engage in illegal activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, including illegal intelligence gathering and terrorism?

By sending us this information you authorize us to process your personal data for the Russian electronic visa application.

The list of questions is very long, to avoid all this you can always use a paper visa, where the questionnaire is much shorter.

The electronic visa allows entry to Russia via the following border crossings:

Aeroporti “Vladivostok (Knevichy Airport)”, “Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Khomutovo Airport)”, “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Yelizovo Airport)”, “Khabarovsk (Novy Airport)”, “Anadyr (Ugolny Airport)”, “Kaliningrad (Khrabrovo) ", "Ulan-Ude (Muhino)", "Chita (Kadala)", "Pulkovo", "Belgorod", "Volgograd (Gumrak)", "Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo)", "Kazan", "Krasnodar (Pashkovsky)" , “Krasnoyarsk (Yemelyanovo)”, “Moscow (Vnukovo)”, “Moscow (Domodedovo)”, “Moscow (Sheremetyevo)”, “Nizhny Novgorod (Strigino)”, “Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo)”, “Rostov-on-Don (Platov)", "Samara (Kurumoch)", "Sochi", "Irkutsk", "Chelyabinsk (Balandino)", "Arkhangelsk (Talagi)", "Astrakhan (Narimanovo)", "Bryansk", "Vladikavkaz (Beslan) ", "Grozny (North)", "Zhukovskiy", "Kaluga (Grabtsevo)", "Lipetsk", "Makhachkala (Uytash)", "Mineralnye Vody", "Murmansk", "Nalchik", "Saratov (Gagarin)" , "Syktyvkar", "Tomsk (Bogashevo)", "Yaroslavl (Tunoshna)", "Abakan", "Barnaul", "Kemerovo", "Omsk (Tsentral'nyy)", "Orenburg (Tsentral'nyy) )", "Perm (Bol'shoe Savino)", "Tyumen (Roshchino)", "Ulyanovsk (Vostochny)", "Ufa", "Cheboksary";

Porti navali «Vladivostok», «Zarubino», «Posiet», «Korsakov», «Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky», «Kaliningrad (checkpoints in the cities of Kaliningrad and Svetly)», «Vysotsk», «Big port Saint Petersburg (Marine Station, Fort Constantin, English Embankment and Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment)», «Passenger port Saint Petersburg», «Sochi (International Center for Sea Passenger and Cruise Transportation)», «Magadan», «Nikolayevsk-on-Amur»;

Valichi di frontiera ferroviari “Pogranichny”, “Khasan”, “Makhalino”, “Mamonovo”, “Sovetsk”, “Saint Petersburg - Finlyandskiy”, “Zabaikal'sk”, “Naushki”;

Valichi di fontiera per autoveicoli “Poltavka”, “Turiy Rog”, “Bagrationovsk”, “Gusev”, “Mamonovo (Grzechotki)”, “Mamonovo (Gronowo)”, “Morskoje”, “Pogranichny”, “Sovetsk”, “Chernyshevskoye” ", "Ivangorod", "Torfjanovka", "Brusnitchnoe", "Svetogorsk", "Kyakhta", "Ubylinka", "Burachki", "Vyartsilya", "Kunichina Gora", "Shumilkino", "Verkhny Lars", "Lyuttya ", "Solov'evsk", "Starotsurukhaitui";

Border crossing for pedestrian crossing «Ivangorod»;

«Khabarovsk» river border crossing;

Valichi di frontiera misti «Blagoveshchensk», «Amurzet», «Pokrovka».

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