Train tickets for internal Russian routes

To make your holiday or business stay in Russia more dynamic and flexible, through us you can buy train tickets for internal Russian routes.

Rail tickets can only be issued 45 days before departure and full names and passport numbers are required. In Russia train tickets cannot be booked, they can only be issued once payment has been made.

In addition to the fast routes from St. Petersburg to Moscow with Sapsan train, we can offer you any internal Russian route; both day trains and night sleeper trains. It is therefore possible to book the routes that make up the Trans-Siberian or any itinerary you like.

The Russian high-speed railway program has existed for some years with the main objective of making passenger trains faster on the routes, and to improve the quality and service to be offered to all travellers.
Sapsan high-speed train Moscow - St. Petersburg
Sapsan is a Russian high-speed train designed and created by the Siemens Velaro company. The train has a maximum speed of 250 km/h, but an improvement in this service is expected, bringing the vehicle to a speed of 330 km/h in the coming years.

The Sapsan officially entered service on 18 December 2009 and the first tickets went on sale to the public on 23 November of the same year.

On 18 May 2006 Siemens and Russian Railways signed a 276 million euro order for 8 high-speed trains with a service value of 30 years and a contract of approximately 300 million euros. The trains were ordered to quickly connect Moscow with St. Petersburg (and vice versa) at a maximum speed of 250 km.

The total length of each train is 250 meters and can carry up to 600 passengers.

Sapsan holds the record for the fastest train in Russia on May 2, 2009, traveling at a speed of 281 km and on May 7, 2009, traveling at 290 km.

The Sapsan is available every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, for 7 trips a day at different times.

Tickets can be purchased 45 days from the day of departure. Prices vary according to the season, to get an exact quote:
Night train Moscow St. Petersburg
In addition to high-speed trains, through us you can book standard daily and night trains for all Russian routes. The night train has the 1st class Lux with a 2-bed sleeper, the 2nd class Kupe' with the 4-bed sleeper and finally the 3rd class Platzkart in which the carriage is not divided into 2/4-bed compartments, it is a single carriage with around fifty beds and 2 bathrooms.

These night trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg (and vice versa) are comfortable and clean, they leave around half past midnight and arrive at their destination in the morning around 09.00.

Upon request we provide all train tickets in Russia for the desired route.

Tickets can be purchased starting 45 days before the day of departure. Prices vary according to the season, to get an exact quote:
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