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We can purchase and issue airline tickets on your behalf, both for domestic Russian flights and for international flights departing from Russian territory. You can refer to us for any flight and to make hotel reservations, all with maximum simplicity and transparency. All prices are provided on request, and vary depending on the period and the availability of the air carrier.
Domestic flights in Russia, Russian airlines

The plane is an indispensable means of transport for traveling to Russia due to the enormous size of this country. There are internal flights that last 8 hours (Moscow - Vladikostok). If you want to explore a number of regions in one trip to Russia, without internal flights, as a rule, it cannot be done.

The use of internal flights, carried out by Russian airlines, is particularly convenient for businessmen who, for work reasons and commercial meetings, need to move from one city to another in the shortest possible time.

The main Russian airlines are Aeroflot (domestic and international flights from all over the country), S7 (domestic and international flights from Moscow and Siberia), UTair (mostly domestic flights with a focus on Siberia). In recent years, a new Russian airline, Pobeda is gaining popularity with a Boeing fleet flying to more than 20 cities in different regions.

Obviously the majority of flights within Russia take off and land in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are Russian airlines, very little known in the Italian market, which operate routes between less important cities and which are necessary to reach places where In winter the roads are icy or there is no railway network.

These less famous local airlines cannot be booked through modern online booking systems (Skyscanner, etc.), but by contacting the airline directly (they often only speak Russian).

Air traffic between Russian cities is sufficiently developed: the country has around 300 airports, of which 52 are federal. Flights between large Russian cities are operated almost daily, while to less popular destinations flights are operated once or more times a week.

Some remote cities in Siberia and the Russian north are easier to reach by plane. However, in many cities, not so far from each other, there is no direct flight and it is necessary to take a train or fly with a transit in Moscow, which increases the cost of travel.

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