Tourist guide to Moscow and St. Petersburg

We can provide you with expert tour guides in Moscow, St. Petersburg and major Russian cities, who will facilitate your stay and make it easier to discover Russian traditions and culture.

The guide service in Italian or English for independent itineraries or single visits has a price starting from €25 per hour, variable depending on the places to visit, the season and the number of people. For guides in other languages, pricing is available upon request.

These rates are aimed at those who want to have a guide available for a certain number of hours or days, for particular itineraries not foreseen and already quoted on our site or for independent visits to be carried out in the spaces granted by an organized tour.

The price is indicative and only for the guide service. Additional services, such as transportation and ticket reservations, must be contracted separately.

You can visit the Moscow Excursions and St. Petersburg Excursions pages to see the complete list of guided tours, including guide, transport and entrance fees.
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