Travel Insurance for Russia

We can offer you online medical insurance for the Russian visa, at competitive rates that are difficult to find on the market. The Russian insurance company we represent guarantees the lowest price for medical insurance for your trip.

Our insurance, which can be requested online, is recognized by Russian Consulates throughout the world. Italian insurance companies are obliged to stipulate a contract with Russian companies for Russia. By purchasing our Russian medical policy you skip a step with benefits in terms of cost for the same quality of insurance service.
Medical - Healthcare coverage up to €30,000.

The Operations Center is active 24 hours a day. We remind you that the operators will communicate with you only in Russian or English. In case of difficulty you can immediately contact our office here in Moscow which will provide all the necessary assistance.
Medical health insurance for going to Russia
Our medical policy is also recommended for issuing the electronic visa for Russia (as well as for all other types of Russian visas). The easiest and cheapest way is to request an online medical policy for Russia from us.
During your trip to Russia you will benefit from health coverage for any medical expenses necessary during your stay. Remember to always keep your electronic insurance policy handy. If necessary, you will need to provide your personal details, policy number, issue date and validity period. The Operations Center will give you directions on where to go for initial treatment, and, if you are unable to do so following the accident, it will send a doctor supported by a mobile department.
It is possible, in exceptional cases, where there is difficulty in going to the first assistance center indicated by the Operations Centre, to receive authorization to directly pay the balance of the healthcare services. The reimbursement of these expenses will take place exclusively upon presentation of the documents proving the payment of healthcare services, the prognosis and the purchase of medicines.
We remind you that you have insurance coverage worth €30,000. There is no deductible.

our e-policy for Russia covers:
- outpatient care
- hospital visits and treatments
- emergency dental care
- remote medical consultation
- ambulance coverage to doctor or hospital
- assisted repatriation of the insured to the place of residence with possible medical accompaniment
- repatriation of the body in the event of death of the insured
- hospital stay expenses of a parent (or relative) in the event of hospitalization of an insured person under 14 years of age (travelling together)
- diagnostic coverage and treatment of COVID-19

Our medical policies for Russia are in electronic format and can be purchased conveniently online by writing to us at

The policy is issued in a few minutes once payment has been received by bank transfer to our Italian or russian current account.
Rates for our Russian policies for visa applications
Medical policies from 1 to 30 days: €2 per day
3 months with coverage up to 90 days out of 90: €85
6 months with coverage up to 90 days out of 180: €95
12 months with 90 day coverage every 180: €125
12 months with 365 day coverage: €165
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