Travel packages and adventures in Russia

Russia is the biggest nation in the world and its immense territory encloses thousands of regions, peoples and cultures. Our tour operator offers you an unique opportunity to explore a few of the most exotic, interesting or amusing location of this incredible country.
Russia is not just Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and the Golden Ring. There is also Kamchatka, Karelia, Lake Baikal and more than 50 wonderful places.

Northern Lights in Russia - 2024

Murmansk, in the extreme north-west near Finland, enjoys over 40 days of uninterrupted night, making it one of the world’s premier destinations for the Aurora Borealis, and with over 300,000 residents you can enjoy all the cosmopolitan comforts of civilisation amidst the serenity of the Arctic.
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Expedition tour Yakutia - 2024

During your expedition you will see the completely different reality with its traditions and rites, visit Oymyakon that is considered one of the coldest inhabited places in the world, admire the majestic beauty of Lena Pillars covered with ice, spend a day in a horse farm and will be able to enjoy other winter attractions of the land of permafrost!
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Tour The Beauties of Karelia - 2024

Karelia is a region of Russia where the amazing nature of the North of Russia has been preserved: rivers and lakes, canyons and waterfalls, dense forests; it is a land famous for its charming landscapes and unique architectural monuments.
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Tour Pride of Russian North - 2024

This tour is an opportunity to both admire the architectural grandeur of Saint-Petersburg, the second capital of Russia, and visit the unique places of the Russian north – lakes and nature reserves, waterfalls and caves, petroglyphs, ancient centers of Orthodoxy and wooden architecture.
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Cycling tour Silver ring - 2024

Our bicycle tour from St. Petersburg is a modern, optimal type of relaxation and exploring the regions of Russia: a combination of a healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the ancient cities of the so-called Silver Ring of Russia.
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Tour Moscow and Elbrus - 2024

This tour for people leading an active healthy lifestyle begins with walking tours of the capital of Russia and a one-day tour to the largest waterfall in the Moscow region. The culmination of the tour is a few days in the Mount Elbrus region with the purest mountain air, breathtaking nature and hiking in the valleys, mountains and waterfalls of this stunning region of Russia.
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Discover the Altai Natural Biosphere Reserve - 2024

The first 4 nights you will spend in a hotel on the shores of Lake Teletskoye, or Altyn-Kol. Translated from the Altai language, the name means Golden Lake. The reservoir is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is protected as part of the Altai Natural Biosphere Reserve, is the deepest lake in Altai and is one of the five deepest lakes in Russia (325 m).
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Tour Majestic Lake Baikal - 2024

Enjoy summertime at the legendary Lake Baikal on this diverse tour that showcases nature, history, architecture, culture, and much more. Explore many historical monuments of Irkutsk, the gateway to Lake Baikal.
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Tour Kamchatka 7 days - 2024

Our tour of this peninsula is a trip to a parallel world or alien civilizations. Six areas of Kamchatka, where fire-breathing mountains are adjacent to glaciers, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, mud cauldrons and turquoise lakes, are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Best active tour in Russia

A week active tour Moscow – Sochi: by bicycle in Moscow, by boat and jeeps in Sochi - this is a tour for active people who want to combine travel and physical activity. Energy and pacification, adventure and discovery, speed and unforgettable sensations both in the city and in nature!
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The Enchanting Seliger Lake

Seliger's nature is amazing fresh and clean air with pine forest aromas. Lake Seliger gives not only the enjoyment of the unique beauty and its crystal clear waters, it gives its special energy, which is felt in the silence that surrounds you.
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Cycling Tour Russian Capitals

Logistically, the tour is organized in the most optimal way for traveling from Saint Petersburg to Moscow – daily bicycle rides during the day accompanied by a bus escort with your luggages, picnic lunches along the way and comfortable night rest in hotels along the route.
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Active Tour Arkhyz Caucasus

The Russian Caucasus is an endless source of natural attractions to delight the traveller's eye and the tour to a small village of Arkhyzh introduces you to one of the most notable ones.
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Explore Sochi in 5 days

Sochi is Russia’s most famous resort. Its attraction as a centre of world tourism is boosted by the geographical proximity to the countries of Europe and Middle East, access to the Global Ocean through the Black Sea, a pleasant moderate subtropical climate and the 2014 Winter Olympics infrastructure.
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Tour Altai Golden Mountains

Collect all the treasures of the Altai mountains during this tour taking you to the region's 50 top-of-the-list attractions. There are fabulous opportunities to explore the untouched nature of the mountains with its crystal-clear lakes and waterfals, caves and turbulent rivers.
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Best Kamchatka Tour 9 Days

Small bit of land, as they say in the old days, but what is there only mother nature has in store not: and the sea depth, and great ocean, and the mountains are high, and many, and those that breathe fire, scorching everything around.
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Winter Tour Lake Baikal

Tours to Lake Baikal are for those who want to escape the stress which comes with modern civilization and appreciate the beauty of nature with its wealth of wildlife.
Baikal's landscapes boast astonishing colors at any time of the year, making a winter trip to the lake not less memorable or adventurous.
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Expedition to the Enge of Russia

We invite you to discover one of the most remote corners of Russia in order to explore the islands of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. The nature of the Kuril Islands resembles pictures from adventure novels: it is a different world with volcanoes, hot lakes, walls of waterfalls and fantastic coasts of white rocks.
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