Classical and Thematic Tours

We have planned some great tours to get to know the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can also visit the Golden Ring - a chain of ancient cities that are located north and east of Moscow and get an opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the Russian provinces.

Walking Tour St. Petersburg - 2024

A walking tour in Saint-Petersburg is a tour for active tourists, for those who do not want to waste time in traffic jams and tourist buses, but want to visit the main Saint-Petersburg sights by reseeding to the fastest mode of transport – the metro or the hydrofoil and more often on foot.
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Tour Imperial St. Petersburg - 2024

Amazingly beautiful Saint Petersburg is rightfully called the cultural capital of Russia, it is a place of attraction for tourists from all over the world. We will not chase the number of places and attractions on this tour – this is a free choice tour, an immersion tour in the city with its traditions, rhythm, specifics of life, unique features and local flavor.
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Literary Tour of Dostoevsky's St. Petersburg - 2024

We offer you to go on an amazing program in Saint Petersburg from the time of the famous Russian writer Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. His life is closely connected with the Northern capital: in Saint-Petersburg he lived and created his best works that are loved and appreciated around the world.
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Peter the Great Tour in St. Petersburg - 2024

It is hard to overestimate the importance of Peter the Great for the Russian history the course of which was radically changed during his reign. Though his name is inseparably linked with Saint-Petersburg, his most beautiful creation, the understanding of his legacy, his deeds and reforms requires visiting other locations, that are gathered in this 8-day tour, made with an utmost respect to the Tsar's life and work.
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Architecture tour Imperial Saint-Petersburg - 2024

This tour is a rich program of visits to the cultural capital of Russia – Saint-Petersburg. Majestic palaces and parks; imperial architecture and decoration of facades; breathtakingly beautiful churches and cathedrals; the lively squares and streets of this city make tourists from all over the world die in admiration.
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Architecture Tour Eclectic Moscow - 2024

The program is designed in such a way that you can trace the evolution of architectural trends in the capital of Russia from ancient church architects, and noble mansions to Stalin's skyscrapers and modern urban buildings. This is an opportunity to walk around Moscow of different centuries, different cultural features and different lifestyles.
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Tour Siberian Holidays - 2024

This is a smart 9-day program that brings together 3 unique cities in Russia: Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia in terms of population and territory after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg with its legendary State Opera and Ballet Theatre; handsome Krasnoyarsk, the largest city in Siberia and amazing Saint-Petersburg with its striking architectural ensembles and courtyards.
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Musical Russia tour - 2024

Our Musical Russia tour, Moscow - Suzdal - St Petersburg, is prepared with a truly exclusive approach combining music and travel and offer the possibility to add special activities and additional elements from different fiends of music to the classical travel...
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Around Moscow food tour - 2024

Isn’t it exciting to taste local food while travelling? The food tour around Moscow gives you a chance to taste delicious meals you’ve never eaten before and learn about Russian eating and drinking traditions. You will be able to taste such well-known traditional Russian dishes and beverages (borsch, pickles, rye bread, mors) to try some festive food typical of Soviet era.
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Winter Golden Ring - 2024

Winter tour of famous Golden ring towns of Russia presents you with an excellent opportunity to take in the architectural perfection of their historical monuments from a totally different perspective. Forest trees dressed in fascinating outfits, boundless fields of sparkling snow, the shimmering glow of domes provide a fairytale-like background for our special 5-days Winter Golden Ring Tour.
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Golden Ring Russia 10 cities - 2024

When touring the historical cities and rural cities of the Russian Golden Ring, you can trace the history of the country as many times as each of them became the scene of events that played a key role in the future of the Russian state. Thanks to the perfection of their forms and the purity of their colors, the voice of ancient Russia speaks with our hearts.
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Small Golden Ring from Moscow

The Golden Ring is a chain of small ancient towns located North-East of Moscow and famous for forming a ring. You will be traveling on one of the oldest and most popular tourist routes through the Russian provinces. All towns along the way were built between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries and are often referred to as 'the museums under an open sky.
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Grand Tour 7 days Golden Ring

The Golden Ring of Russia could be defined as a group of small cities running through ancient Russian towns which have preserved their unique historical and cultural heritage. It is one of the most popular and visited routes in the Russian provinces.
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Tour of Yaroslavl

The city of Yaroslavl, located at the confluence of the Volga and the small river Kotorosl, is the pearl of the Golden Ring. We deliberately included in the program a basic sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the museum reserve on the territory of the monastery Spaso-Preobrazhensky, while most of the excursions were taken out as additional ones to allow your clients to form their own tour from the options offered.
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Tour Moscow and Yaroslavl - Only my Russia

This 8-day tour on the route Moscow – Yaroslavl will allow you to get to know the unusual, non-tourist Moscow, friendly and open Moscow, lively and sincere, young and cheerful. Following our recommendations, you will discover the beauty of Moscow parks and squares, discover unusual streets and we will take the train to Yaroslavl (the main city of the Golden Ring of Russia).
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Silver Ring of Russia from St Petersburg

Silver Ring of Russia Tour will show you a region of Russia to the north-west of Russia, surrounding St Petersburg, that was once under the influence of the Novgorod Republic. On this tour to Russia, you will travel to St Petersburg and visit two of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the country - Novgorod Veliky and Pskov.
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Walking Tour Moscow

This is an opportunity to live a few days as the most ordinary resident of Moscow with walks in the historical center, of course, with a visit to the Moscow Kremlin and with the possibility of independent lunches and dinners.
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Leo Tolstoy in our Moscow Literary Tour

The program is built in such a way that, in addition to Moscow mansions and streets associated with the name of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy and buildings connected, for example, with his great novel "War and Peace", you will be able to visit the famous Yasnaya Polyana – the Leo Tolstoy house museum in the Tula region.
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Literary Tour Moscow of Alexander Pushkin

A tour of Pushkin's Moscow is an opportunity to visit places associated with the name of the great poet and pay tribute to his genius, an opportunity to take a fresh look at Moscow mansions and museums, squares and streets, a chance to see in them a reflection of the Golden Age of Russian literature.
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Irkutsk and one day tour on Baikal

You will get acquainted with the history of Irkutsk and will see the city's main streets, churches, famous buildings and monuments. One day trip to Lake Baikal from Irkutsk. Find out many interesting facts about Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Exploration of Siberian nature, roads, settlements and infrastructure elements.
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Tour to Kazan and Tatarstan region

Go with us to explore the territory of Tatarstan with many historical cities, where architectural monuments and complexes that are historical and cultural monuments have been preserved. Kazan is the “third” capital of Russia, having fun on its 1000th anniversary, modern and archaic at the same time. It is an fusion of two cultures - Russian and Tatar, with beautiful landscapes and ancient cities.
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Historical Tour Russia - The Emperors Route

On 15 March 1917, the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, abdicated and the final period of his life began, which ended one year four months and two days later in one of the most tragic moments in Russian history. On 13 August 1917 at 06:10 a train left Tsarskoe Selo heading east. Most of the wagons were filled with guards, but in one single wagon were the former imperial family; they would never return.
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Historical Tour Russia - The Mysteries of Ivan IV The Terrible

A historical tour is an opportunity to visit the most picturesque parks and estates of old Russian cities, get acquainted with the architectural features of the Kremlin in different regions, learn the legends and tales of ancient times, even visit the excavations and reconstructions of the old city in Sarai Batu.
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Weekend in St Petersburg

While it would be easy to spend weeks and still only scratch the surface of St. Petersburg, here is our tour for a memorable visit if you only have a long weekend.
This city is loaded with arts, culture, history and fascinating activities!
St. Petersburg, Russia is a romantic destination, especially during the White Nights of May-June, when it never gets completely dark.
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Tour Moscow and St Petersburg - Deluxe program

Our Moscow and St. Petersburg tour is a program that combines the two capitals and allows you to go all year round! Even during the winter months! Only 2 participants are needed and the departure is confirmed! Upon request, it is possible to increase the number of overnight stays in both one and both cities. The deluxe program includes special guided tours, including the marvelous Armory of the Moscow Kremlin and the summer residence of Catherine II in Pushkin.
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Tour Moscow and St Petersburg - Standard program

Our Moscow and St. Petersburg tour, standard program, includes the main excursions, including the Kremlin and the famous Moscow Metro, the Hermitage Museum and the St. Petersburg Fortress, as well as the Peterhof Fountain Park. For a more complete tour you can refer to the deluxe program or request a personalized tour.
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Pilgrimage Tour Moscow region

Russian culture is inextricably linked to the country’s main religion – Orthodox Christianity. Understandably, any itinerary will lead you to the door of an Orhodox church or a monastery at least once.
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White Nights tours - Moscow and St Petersburg

Every year, from late May to early July, the city of St Petersburg lights up with glaring colours because of the phenomenon commonly known as “White Nights”: during the few weeks following the summer solstice the sun shines each day for up to 19 hours straight, from 3 or 4 a.m. to almost midnight.
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New Year celebrations in Moscow and St Petersburg

Celebrate Russia's most belowed holiday with us! Join up in the Moscow and St Petersburg New Year special city break and celebrate New Year's Eve on the Red Square under the traditional Moscow Great Fireworks Show! Journey to Russia and discover the wonders of the Russian capitals.
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